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Skin Treatments


Skin Treatment in Canberra

Kingston Natural Therapies have been providing natural treatments for patients for 30 years. We provide treatment for a range of different skin problems and aim for significant improvements and long-term remission of a patient’s problem.

What skin treatments do we provide?

We provide a treatment options for a range of different issues, including:

  • Acne – a disease which involves characteristics such as red pimples on the face, neck, shoulders and back. This is caused by clogging of the pores of the skin, usually by oil, dead cells, or bacteria.
  • Dermatitis – A condition in which the skin can become red, blistered, and swollen. Dermatitis is caused by elements that irritate the skin such as dishwashing liquids and plants such as poison ivy.
  • Eczema A commonly chronic condition in which a patient’s skin becomes inflamed and swollen, which can cause serious itching and even bleeding. Eczema, like dermatitis, is caused by external elements such as dishwashing liquids, detergents, and synthetic fabrics. It can also be caused by sweating and sudden drops in humidity. Eczema (like dermatitis and most skin diseases) also has a strong genetic component in its development.
  • Psoriasis – A chronic disease which is categorized by red, itchy, and swollen skin. It can develop characteristic “plaques” that are unsightly and leave sufferers feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable. Psoriasis is a persistent problem that occurs when cells build up rapidly on a person’s skin.
  • Rosacea – A condition which is categorised by facial blood vessels enlarging, causing the cheeks and nose to have a red, flushed appearance.

What we do 

Our naturopaths provide a comprehensive skin treatment regime which includes an initial consultation to find out the root of the problem and factors of the problem including your family’s medical history, your diet, and the current state of your health. We then design a treatment plan that aims to decrease the effects of your condition. We will then provide you with follow up appointments, if necessary, to see how you are coming along.

Unusual symptoms?

Some skin complaints fit neatly into normal definitions, but don’t worry. We’ve treated thousands of patients successfully and in focussing on treating the cause of their problem we have resolved their problems safely and simply.

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