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Natural Therapies in Canberra

Improving wellbeing and eliminating illness is about addressing underlying causes of poor health, not just treating symptoms. If you are suffering from poor health or general discomfort, it is just as important to find the root cause in order to find an effective resolution.

If you are suffering from ongoing pain, discomfort or ill health, we recommend attending a consultation with our naturopath in Canberra.

Let us assess your wellbeing

A detailed assessment of your health will reveal these causes to our practitioners and we will design a treatment to suit your individual needs. Support your wellbeing the natural way. Our approach is safe, non-invasive and effective.

Kingston Natural Therapies has been established for more than 30 years.

Call for a confidential appointment today. You’ll feel better for it. Thousands of our patients already do.

We provide treatments for a range of conditions, including allergies, stress, chronic diseases, digestive complaints and skin diseases.

Our process toward natural therapies 

We are one of the most trusted naturopathic clinics in Canberra and provide our patients with a comprehensive report and treatment plan. This includes:

  • Primary Consultation – In our first consultation, we will cover a range of different elements relating to your health, including: current health problems, your health history, your family’s history and overall diet.
  • Treatment Plan – During your initial consultation, our therapists will design a comprehensive treatment plan to help you get back to full health and deal with the cause of the problem.
  • Follow Up Appointments – We may need to hold additional follow up appointments with you just to make sure that you are getting back on the right track.

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We specialise in treating:

Nervous System complaints
Immune System dysfunction
Skin diseases
Kid's health
Digestive function
General health

    and many more...


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