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Our Approach

Kingston Natural Therapies has been helping patients get healthy since 1984. It is a local, family run business built and operated by Guy Clews, one of the most experienced naturopaths and herbalists in Canberra, and his son Luke Clews.

Your First Consultation

Your first consultation to Kingston Natural Therapies is an important session that takes between 30 and 45 minutes.
During your initial consultation, our therapists will form a picture of what’s troubling you. This enables them to correctly determine what’s bothering you and recommend how you can get on the road to good health.

We’ll discuss a range of topics including:

  • current health issues
  • your health history
  • your family’s health history (as relevant)
  • your diet
  • a review of your body as a ‘whole health system’, including reproductive, immunity, gastro-intestinal tract, respiratory and nervous systems
  • your stress levels
  • nutrition patterns
  • other factors that may be affecting your wellbeing, such as environmental exposures

Other diagnostic tools at our disposal include Vega allergy testing, iris diagnosis (iridology) and Live Blood Analysis.

Your Treatment Plan

After a comprehensive assessment, our therapists will develop a personalised treatment program to improve your health and wellbeing. Treatments could include:

  • nutritional and lifestyle advice
  • vitamin and mineral supplement regimee
  • herbal medicinee
  • amino acid remediess
  • enzyme and digestive remediess
  • massagee
  • Bowen techniquee

Good general nutrition is an integral part of a sound therapeutic program. We will identify the nutritional changes you need to make to help resolve your problem.

Your Follow Up Appointments

You may need a follow up appointment or two so we can ensure progress is being made and determine any alterations required.

Our aim is always to keep consultations to a minimum.