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About Us

Kingston Natural Therapies has been helping patients get healthy since 1984. It is a local, family run business built and operated by Guy Clews, one of the most experienced naturopaths and herbalists in Canberra, and his son Luke Clews.

Guy Clews

Guy Clews graduated after four years of study from the highly respected New South Wales College of Natural Therapies in 1982 with qualifications in Naturopathy and Botanical Medicine. The college was then the premier natural therapy college in Australia (it has since become the well-known Australasian College of Natural Therapies.

Throughout his education, Guy studied and trained in a range of science subjects, including anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biochemistry, clinical diagnostics, and physics. He also studied nutrition, herbal medicine, iris diagnosis, massage and clinical practice.
Since graduating Guy has gained more than 30 years’ experience (in Sydney and Canberra) as a naturopathic clinician and has helped thousands of patients find better health and quality of life—the natural way. He helps patients with minor ailments through to chronic problems, including many health issues that do not fall easily into conventional Western medicine disease categories.

Guy believes in using an holistic approach to helping his patients—starting with a detailed consultation and determination of the patient’s health complaints, followed by a comprehensive program aimed at improving health and vitality as well as educating the patient in maintaining good health. He is professional, friendly and caring.

Luke Clews

Luke was exposed to natural therapies from an early age and is as dedicated as his father to helping patients achieve good health naturally. Evidence-based medicine was a cornerstone of Luke’s previous career in medical science and he employs the same principles in his naturopathic treatments.

Luke is passionate about accurately diagnosing patient’s health problems and then working with them to resolve their problems safely and effectively. A strong believer in education, Luke also takes the time to ensure patients understand what their health issues are and how they can maintain their health into the future