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Anxiety Treatment


Anxiety Treatment in Canberra

Kingston Natural Therapies has been operating for over 30 years and aims to treat a range of existing medical problems. We provide treatment for conditions of the nervous system including anxiety, high stress, insomnia, fatigue and depression. We can provide a safe and effective treatment for anxiety so that you can return to a full state of wellbeing.

What is anxiety? 

Anxiety is a blanket term for a range of disorders that cause intense worry, nervousness, or fear. When a person suffers from anxiety, they often find it very difficult to complete daily tasks. When anxiety becomes severe for the sufferer it can often be debilitating. Although it is normal for people to experience occasional feelings of fear, worry, nervousness, or apprehension, when anxiety becomes a persistent and ongoing problem treatment for anxiety is important.

Our path to anxiety treatment in Canberra

Our naturopaths are highly experienced in treating the symptoms of anxiety. We aim to provide a comprehensive treatment so that you can hopefully get back to a happy, confident state of wellbeing. Our treatment includes:

  • Consultation – we provide you with an initial consultation regarding your anxiety. We aim to find out the root of the problem which may stem from a variety of factors such as your family’s medical history, past experiences, or your diet.
  • Treatment – we then aim to provide treatment for your anxiety, specially designed for you based on what is causing your anxiety, as well as treating the symptoms you are experiencing.
  • Follow up appointments – We then provide, if necessary, follow up appointments once the treatment is completed, just to make sure that you are feeling happy and confident, and are satisfied with the treatment provided.

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